Monday, June 21, 2010

Mui Chi

'Mui Chi'. Piggy in English because she really is as cute as a piglet. She's a Poodle Mixed. Very pure white and rather tall too. She really does have the looks of a Standard Poodle. Very soft and curly hair indeed.

Wong Choi

'Wong Choi'. It means very lucky in Cantonese. He got this name because of his colour. Gold-y eh?.. haha.. very nice hair indeed. Rather unique. We found Wong Choi lingering on the street and we decided to bring him home.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Prince. A handsome and cute little creature he is. Haha. He is a Basset Hound and Shih Tzu mixed. A unique combination eh?.. This pic was taken in a restaurant when we first brought him back home. He may look small in this pic but he is massive now.


Vuitton. Hmm, how do I describe her eh? She is a very, very playful little doggy. Though, extremely intelligent. She is a German Shepherd and Mongrel mixed. Very cute. We brought her back home when she was a pup. She's as small as a teacup chihuahua but within a few months time, she's now like 4 feet. Amazing eh? haha..

Hush Hush

Hush Hush. Our newest doggy to the family. She may looked old but we actually found her lingering on the road. At that moment, she's very dirty and full of ticks. But of course, she is now very clean and ticks free. She is a pure breed, pedigree Hush Puppy. Very cute indeed.